Blonde(s) being intrigued The Big Bad Hybrid
The Big Bad Hybrid

My name is Klaus Mikaelson. You've heard of me? Fantastic.

I am known as the big bad original hybrid, not capable of having feelings. I fancy feisty blondes.

(I will Rp with anyone. Just ask me in my ask.)

(M!A: none)

(If you Rp with me, can you please tag my URL on the post so I can reply faster)


Klaus Alphabet : Zestful in suits

let me show you what the world has to offer

kelenachemistry asked: 4 gifs of klaus?


Klaus Alphabet : Oldest Friend - Alcohol


Klaus Alphabet : Viking Roots

you’re safe with me

» Klaroline. 2/10.


“Where are you going love?”
“Trying to get out before Elijah finds me…again.”

Text by Tanya ( thus the mentioning of Elijah :P ) - THANKS love :)!!